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Infinity: New Research Frontiers

Infinity New Research Frontiers - published by Cambridge University Press (NY), 2011

The book Infinity: New Research Frontiers was developed from research presented at the August 2006 symposium, “New Frontiers in Research on Infinity,” held in the Republic of San Marino. The symposium was part of a program to explore new research domains involving concepts of infinity in a technically rigorous as well as interdisciplinary context.

Ellipsis worked with the program organizer, the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences (CTNS), to manage the editorial development of the resulting volume. This book explores the concept of infinity through the prism of mathematics and also offers more expansive investigations in areas beyond mathematical boundaries to reflect the broader, deeper implications of infinity for human intellectual thought. Contributors include renowned scholars in fields ranging from mathematics to theology.


Ellipsis served as the developmental editor for this interdisciplinary, multi-author book, which was published by Cambridge University Press (NY) in 2011. In addition, Ellipsis administered the $300,000 book-development grant for the funding organization, the John Templeton Foundation.


Book Development and Editing

  • Assisted the volume editors in the development of the 14-author book, Infinity: New Research Frontiers, that resulted from the “New Frontiers in Research on Infinity” symposium.
  • Provided book-development, editorial, and administrative guidance and support.
  • Created the book proposal, secured a publisher, and served as the primary liaison between the publisher, volume editors, and authors.
  • Developed author guidelines, created writing templates in Word and LaTeX, managed the flow of chapter drafts, and secured permissions.
  • Copyedited chapters, compiled the front matter, and prepared the content in Word and LaTeX files for submission to the publisher.

Grant Management and Reporting

  • Issued payments and tracked finances.
  • Submitted grant reports according to the funding organization’s requirements.


Ellipsis was honored to work with the following individuals on this project:

  • Michael Heller, Copernicus Center for Interdisciplinary Studies and The Pontifical University of John Paul II, Cracow; Vatican Observatory and Pontifical Academy of Sciences, Vatican — Volume editor and chapter author
  • W. Hugh Woodin, Department of Mathematics, University of California, Berkeley — Volume editor and chapter author
  • Charles L. Harper, Jr., Consulting (formerly of the John Templeton Foundation) — Program developer 
  • Wolfgang Achtner, Department of Systematic Theology, Justus Liebig University, Giessen, and Johann Wolfgang Goethe University, Frankfurt — Chapter author
  • Anthony Aguirre, Department of Physics, University of California, Santa Cruz — Chapter author
  • Marco Bersanelli, Department of Physics, University of Milan — Chapter author
  • Enrico Bombieri, School of Mathematics, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton — Chapter author
  • Harvey M. Friedman, Department of Mathematics, The Ohio State University — Chapter author
  • David Bentley Hart, Department of Theology, Providence College — Chapter author
  • Edward Nelson, Department of Mathematics, Princeton University — Chapter author
  • Graham Oppy, School of Philosophical, Historical and International Studies, Monash University at Clayton, Australia — Chapter author
  • Carlo Rovelli, Academic Institute of France; Department of Physics, University of the Mediterranean; and Center for Theoretical Physics, National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS)-Luminy — Chapter author
  • Rudy Rucker, Departments of Mathematics and Computer Science, San José State University — Introduction author
  • Robert J. Russell, Department of Theology and Science, The Graduate Theological Union, and The Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences, Berkeley — Chapter author
  • Denys A. Turner, Department of Historical Theology, Yale Divinity School — Chapter author


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