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The Astronomy Revolution
Visions of Discovery - Townes
Science & Ultimate Reality - Wheeler
Horizons of Truth - Gödel
Deep Beauty - Von Neumann
Water and Life - Henderson
Fitness of the Cosmos - Henderson
Spiritual Information - 100 Essays
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Academic & Scientific Books

PhotoGalileo's Telescopes. Only two existing telescopes have a reasonable Galilean pedigree. Two chapters in The Astronomy Revolution discuss and show them. Image above copyright Museo Galileo – Institute and Museum of the History of Science, Florence. 
Academic & Scientific Books

Ellipsis served as the developmental and managing editor for the book projects in this portfolio. We managed the editing and publishing processes for the program developers and volume editors, providing the support they needed so that they could focus on the content of the books. Ellipsis also organized or helped organize many of the meetings on which the books were based, as described below.

Typical services include:

  • Participating in editorial decision-making regarding book structure and organization.
  • Writing the book proposal, identifying and securing a publisher, and negotiating and reviewing the publishing contract.
  • Developing author guidelines (a key step for multi-author volumes).
  • Coordinating draft submissions and permissions.
  • Copyediting manuscripts.
  • Managing LaTeX submissions (editing and formatting).
  • Preparing hardcopy and electronic files for the publisher.
  • Serving as the liaison between the volume editors, authors, service providers, and publisher.
  • Handling the business administration for the project (e.g., project tracking, paying honoraria, issuing tax forms).

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Academic & Scientific Meetings

Photo: Villa Monastero in Varenna, Italy, site of the two-day international symposium Water of Life: Counterfactual Chemistry and Fine-Tuning in Biochemistry—An Inquiry into the Peculiar Properties of Water Related to L. J. Henderson’s The Fitness of the Environment, held April 2005.
Academic & Scientific Meetings

Ellipsis served as the organizer for the meeting projects in this portfolio, often working with co-organizers to help produce large academic conferences and events. We were engaged by the program developers to manage the meetings from inception to completion (and sometimes beyond). Ellipsis also edited the research volumes based on these meetings, as described above.

Typical services included:

  • Selecting venues and securing suitable meeting space, lodging, and dining options.
  • Composing and issuing invitations and tracking responses.
  • Participating in decision-making regarding the meeting structure, organization, and agenda.
  • Serving as the liaison between the academic leaders and chairs, service providers, and vendors.
  • Overseeing the development and administration of communications materials, such as meeting handouts/brochures, posters, and websites.
  • Planning all catering and menus with restaurants, hotels, and caterers.
  • Handling the financial and business administration for the project including, developing the budget, hiring service providers and managing vendor contracts, collecting tax forms and paying honoraria, validating expense reimbursements, and issuing 1099s to US service providers, vendors, and participants.
  • Providing an on-site hosting and technical presence during the meeting to oversee all operations and ancillary events.

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